The Corporate and Commercial
Real Estate Cloud

Goby is a cloud-based platform that transforms bill-level insights into portfolio-level value. Our powerful analytics reshape business strategies and optimize performance for the corporate and commercial real estate industries.

Turn big data into big opportunities.
Accurate, validated data is the key to making better decisions and boosting your bottom line. Goby gives you the power of analytics to make data-driven decisions and improve your portfolio’s overall performance. 

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Align your ESG initiatives and reveal future opportunities with big data.
Our Sustainability Consulting empowers managers to put cost effective and scalable certifications in place for programs such as ENERGY STAR, LEED, and GRESB. We will identify sourcing opportunities and find other service providers to assist from the portfolio to asset-based level.

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Navigating the complex and volatile world of competitive energy markets isn’t an easy endeavor.
It’s not just about locking in an attractive price – it’s about considering all the ways that affect your energy costs and ultimately hit your bottom line. Goby has helped thousands of buildings use less energy. Our Energy Procurement goes a step further and helps buildings spend less and improve their bottom line.

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    Allocate time and resources wisely with seamless utility bill and invoice automation


    Wrangle energy consumption with the power of predictive analytics


    Make the business case for sustainability initiatives with a single, cloud-based solution

Turn Insight Into Profit With Goby

Data-driven decisions have never been easier to make.
See how you can boost your bottom line, save time, mitigate risks, and increase NOI with the power of analytics.

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