Our mission is Simple.

Help You Run Better Buildings.

Whether you are an owner, manager, product, or service provider, we have a solution designed to enable the success of your building or portfolio.  We service more than one billion square feet annually through our SeaSuite platform, programs, services, and partners; making Goby the industry standard in the energy and sustainability market.

What Are Better Run Buildings?

Operationally Efficient

Better Run Buildings actively monitor and manage their costs so they don’t leave NOI on the table. Operational best practices, economies of scale, and efficiency are part of their DNA.

Market Differentiated

Better Run Buildings know the role sustainability and energy efficiency can play in tenant decision making. They maximize rents and market demand by achieving certifications and socializing success.

Risk Aware

Better Run Buildings are constantly monitoring legislation, costs, and market conditions. They make investments today which will put them at a competitive advantage tomorrow.

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