A platform that takes invoice management & accounts payable workflows to a whole new level

With automated data collection, enhanced validation algorithms, and clear visualizations, Goby will help you will reveal opportunities, identify trends, generate projections, and make confident budget decisions backed by powerful analytics.

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Allocate your time and resources wisely with seamless invoice automation. Save time spent on manual data entry and eliminate billing errors and late fees.

Goby collects invoices directly from online accounts and applies validations on data to ensure any errors are caught in real time. Data is then housed in a centralized location and can be referenced to analyze any changes in normal patterns of spend and consumption.

  • Access invoice data easily and on-demand
  • Easily track cost and consumption metrics
  • Gain full visibility into late fee trends
  • Streamline invoice and accounts payable workflow processes
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Enhanced data validation and clear visuals allow you to identify opportunities and trends, generate projections, and make confident budgeting decisions backed by powerful analytics.

Manage utility costs and consumption by tracking monthly and annual cost and consumption relative to your budget. Visualize actual vs. budgeted spend and usage in easy-to-navigate reports, and filter the results by utility types, time periods, and locations of your choice. Track cost and consumption performance in relation to estimated projections.

  • Identify any errors in invoices or spikes in consumption through automated outlier and error recognition
  • Reference data in relation to invoices and utility-produced consumption charts
  • Increase data accuracy and integrity and mitigate financial and compliance risk

Utility Bill Auditing Reinvented

Goby offers utility bill audit and tariff optimization services. By focusing on utility bill audit, analysis, and tariff optimization services, we have become a leader in the industry. Goby provides these services to our partners via an on demand, subscription-based model, as opposed to traditional, contingency-based models.

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Goby enables automated data collection, enhanced validation, and clear visualizations to help identify opportunities. Projections, trends, and powerful analytics enable confident budget decisions.

  • Reduce administrative work, regain time previously spent on manual processing, and eliminate errors
  • Benchmark performance and reveal opportunities with like-for-like and year-over-year reporting capabilities
  • Streamline and accelerate utility bill and invoice workflows from start to finish

UBM Best Practices

Staying on top of each important detail for every bill you receive is a strenuous, time-consuming process, especially as your portfolio grows larger and more complex. This guide was written to help you optimize your management processes. Download it now and take the first step on the journey toward streamlined utility bill management.

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