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ENERGY STAR Overview – Easily track certifications and awards

  • April 23, 2017
  • Vanessa Grisko
ENERGY STAR Overview – Easily track certifications and awards


Keep shooting for the stars.

Goby’s direct integration with the ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager streamlines your certifications and automates the submission process.

Track all of your properties’ certification statuses from a single platform, regardless of their geographic spread. Centralize your portfolio’s crucial data in one location to simplify and enhance your reporting capabilities. Report on the count and square footage of properties that achieved an ENERGY STAR rating over any time frame.

  • Automate integration with ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager
  • Visualize performance trends and keep up to date with the status of certifications
  • Capture & measure portfolio-wide performance across locations and building types
  • Streamline submissions in any city in a single platform
  • Eliminate the burden of manual data entry and aggregation
  • Mitigate risk of missed deadlines and avoid late fees, fines, and penalties

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Vanessa Grisko

Vanessa is a Client Partnership Associate at Goby. She uses her sustainability and PR background to help build the case for sustainability and attract clients to the Goby platform.

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