Energy management and analysis that provides a clearer view of a bigger picture

Boost your bottom line with Goby’s energy management tools that monitor performance trends, benchmarks, and goals. Measure efficiency and identify opportunities for improvement and growth.

Goby's Energy Management Solutions

Turn big data into a competitive advantage and elevate the value of energy from an operational tool to a strategic asset.

  • Gain clearer insights into a bigger picture of utility usage and spend at building-level and portfolio-level
  • Make more informed financial decisions with complete data visibility
  • Identify outliers and opportunities for capital improvement
  • Manage ordinance and compliance to mitigate risks
  • Generate cost savings with data-driven energy procurement strategies

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Features of energy management with Goby:

  • Energy analysis engine
  • Normalized data
  • Budgeting and forecasting tools
  • Baselines, goals, and benchmarks to measure energy performance
  • Utility usage reports
  • Real-time monitoring

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