Goby Energy Procurement

Navigating the complex and volatile world of competitive energy markets isn’t an easy endeavor.

It’s not just about locking in an attractive price – energy procurement is about considering all the ways in which rate plan, contract terms, everyday behaviors, and overall building performance affect your energy costs and ultimately hit your bottom line.

Goby has helped thousands of buildings use less energy. Goby Energy Procurement goes a step further and helps buildings spend less.

Our team of energy and sustainability experts guides you toward the development of a comprehensive, sustainable, forward-looking energy strategy that’s customized to fit your building’s unique needs. We’re constantly monitoring the status of your building in our platform and using that data to inform purchasing recommendations, behavioral suggestions, and capacity management strategies.

And when it’s time to go to market, our relationships with top suppliers in all deregulated electricity and natural gas markets enable us to negotiate favorable pricing and contract terms quickly and effectively on your behalf.

We don’t just understand your bill. We understand your building.

Energy accounts for 18-30% of a commercial building’s operating costs; to properly manage this spend, you need an energy strategy. Backed by the power of Goby’s technology and experts, we work with you to develop, implement, and manage a custom-tailored plan that can significantly impact your bottom line.

Energy Procurement

We don’t just compare billings; we measure your building’s performance. With Goby as our backbone, we use that data to ensure you’re getting the right supply contract at the right time, with the right terms.

Demand Response

Participating in demand response programs enables you to earn money for using less energy when the grid is being stressed. Each ISO/RTO has their own specific products and terms; we help you figure out where your building fits and how you can save.

Capacity Management

Buildings often don’t do all they can to manage capacity and peak demand, which can lead to significant billing increases. Goby monitors your usage and counsels you on ways to limit your capacity, which leads to decreased costs both presently and in the future.

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