Invoice Automation

A platform that takes invoice & utility bill management to a whole new level

With automated data collection, enhanced data validation, and clear visualizations you will reveal opportunities, identify trends, generate projections, and make confident budget decisions backed by powerful analytics.

Goby's invoice automation solutions for commercial real estate

Allocate your time and resources wisely with seamless utility bill and invoice automation. Save time spent on manual data entry and eliminate billing errors and late fees.

Goby enables automated data collection, enhanced data validation, and clear visualizations to help identify opportunities. Projections, trends, and powerful analytics enable confident budget decisions.

  • Reduce time spent managing utility bills and invoices with a single, centralized, cloud-based solution
  • Wrangle your costs and consumption with advanced budgeting and reporting tools
  • Capture and centralize portfolio-wide utility bills and operational invoices
  • Drive cost savings with accurate and accountable data. Utility late fees and billing errors are easily tracked and eliminated, saving hundreds of dollars per month
  • Streamline utility bill workflow processes

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Empower your team with a more accurate and consistent approach to data collection and validation

  • Automated data collection process
  • Validated utility data
  • Utility bill error and outlier tracking
  • Utility bill workflow

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