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Utility Consumption Reporting – Keep your utility usage on track

  • April 27, 2017
  • Vanessa Grisko
Utility Consumption Reporting – Keep your utility usage on track

Utility Consumption Reporting

Keep your portfolio’s consumption on track.

Learn how to obtain your entire portfolio’s utility consumption data. Consolidated data means you can view your entire portfolio’s consumption in one location, saving valuable work hours that would be spent collecting, aggregating, and analyzing the information.

Gain high-level portfolio-wide insights into utility usage, or use filters to dive deep into your data; view specific properties, choose the utility you want to explore, compare month-over-month and year-over-year trends, and compare performances between buildings. Enhanced visualizations enhance your ability to share your findings with your team, and you can export the data and share externally.

  • Visualize and understand portfolio-wide utility usage
  • Filter usage to the property-level; identify top and bottom performers
  • Dive deep with the energy & water analytics dashboards
  • Compare utility consumption over time, between geographic regions, and more
  • Discover regional and national usage trends
  • Share your insights internally with your team, or export data for external reporting

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Vanessa Grisko

Vanessa is a Client Partnership Associate at Goby. She uses her sustainability and PR background to help build the case for sustainability and attract clients to the Goby platform.

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