Accounts Payable Automation
Rethink what AP can be

Goby is a faster, smarter way forward. Our AP automation technology streamlines the invoice capture process, speeds up approvals, cuts costs, and eliminates mistakes & late fees. There is a better way to manage accounts payable, and you can start today.

Turn big data into big opportunities.
Goby AP Automation solutions & platform streamline your invoice capture process, speed up approvals, cut costs, and eliminate mistakes & late fees.

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Align your ESG initiatives and reveal future opportunities with big data.
Goby ESG solutions empower managers to implement cost-effective and scalable strategies for sustainability programs and certifications.

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  • Reduce Effort & Expense

    Cut time and cost per invoice by 50%

  • Supercharge Performance

    Reallocate time previously spent on manual processing

  • Eliminate Mistakes

    Identify errors on invoices and spikes in consumption

  • Avoid Late Fees

    Ensure on-time payment with more efficient workflows

  • Act On Opportunities

    Turn early capture of invoices into early payment discounts

  • Improve Relationships

    Eliminate late payments and provide more transparency to suppliers

A Complete Guide to Accounts Payable Automation

The average AP workflow is full of manual, time-consuming, hands-on tasks. Imagine what your finance departments could accomplish with automated AP processes. Read and download our complete guide for implementing accounts payable automation for your enterprise.

Rethink what AP can be with Goby

Goby's AP automation is a faster, smarter way forward. Streamline invoice capture, speed up approvals, cut costs, and eliminate mistakes & late fees.

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