Accounts Payable Automation
Rethink what AP can be

Goby is a faster, smarter way forward. Our AP automation technology streamlines the invoice capture process, speeds up approvals, cuts costs, and eliminates mistakes & late fees. There is a better way to manage accounts payable, and you can start today.

Turn big data into big opportunities.
Goby AP automation solutions & platform streamline your invoice capture process, speed up approvals, cut costs, and eliminate mistakes & late fees.

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Align your ESG initiatives and reveal future opportunities with big data.
Goby ESG solutions empower managers to implement cost-effective and scalable strategies for sustainability programs and certifications.

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  • Reduce Effort & Expense

    Cut time and cost per invoice by 50%

  • Supercharge Performance

    Reallocate time previously spent on manual processing

  • Eliminate Mistakes

    Identify errors on invoices and spikes in consumption

  • Avoid Late Fees

    Ensure on-time payment with more efficient workflows

  • Act On Opportunities

    Turn early capture of invoices into early payment discounts

  • Improve Relationships

    Eliminate late payments and provide more transparency to suppliers

A Complete Guide to Accounts Payable Automation

The average AP workflow is full of manual, time-consuming, hands-on tasks. Imagine what your finance departments could accomplish with automated AP processes. This guide outlines best practices and strategies that you can implement organization-wide as you prepare to upgrade to streamlined, optimized, automated accounts payable.

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