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2018 New York City Benchmarking

  • December 11, 2017
  • Chris Ogletree
2018 New York City Benchmarking

2018 New York City Benchmarking

New York City, along with many other cities, counties, and states across the nation, has implemented a benchmarking initiative for commercial buildings. The 2018 New York City benchmarking process requires that owners of large buildings will measure, disclose, and benchmark their annual energy and water consumption into the EPA’s online platform, ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager.

Starting in 2018, the The NYC Benchmarking Law will expand the building size requirements for benchmarking to also include mid-sized properties; any building over 25,000 square feet will be required to benchmark their annual energy and water consumption starting next year.

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Chris Ogletree

Chris joined Goby as Inbound Marketing Coordinator in 2016, taking over generation and development of client-facing content, such as email campaigns, website administration, and marketing collateral. He has been an integral part in Goby's rebranding project and website redesign.

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