Goby's top ESG ebooks of last year

  • December 23, 2020 | Danna Hileli
Goby's top ESG ebooks of last year

Goby’s top ESG ebooks & white papers of last year

1. The ESG Reporting Matrix - Understanding the alphabet soup of ESG

ESG is an extensive industry with many reporting frameworks and enough terms and acronyms to fill a dictionary. With an almost overwhelming number of options available, it can be hard to know where to begin or how to plan your next steps. This guide will provide clarity, strategies, and actionable insights to get you started with the ESG disclosure process. You can use it as your roadmap toward the systematic creation and management of a scalable, cohesive, and effective ESG strategy.
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2. Ten ESG value creation opportunities & how to capitalize on them

Both the public and workforce have joined investors in ESG interest. The current market and societal shift to investing and pushing corporate sustainability and responsibility policies offers a window of opportunity for ESG engagement. In this guide, we've identified ten ways that ESG will create value within your organization, as well as strategies and best practices for you to maximize your return from these investments.
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3. The strategic value of ESG materiality assessments

Your stakeholders and investors are inquiring more and more frequently about what your organization is doing in regard to responsible investments, how you treat your employees and vendors, your dedication to sustainability initiatives, and other activities that fall under the ESG umbrella. It’s essential to have answers to these questions. An ESG materiality assessment empowers you to easily report on your current state and outline future initiatives while taking into consideration your business goals and risks. Download our guide to creating and extracting the maximum strategic value from an ESG materiality assessment.
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4. A complete guide to ESG program management

ESG issues are gaining a lot of attention in the commercial real estate industry. Isn't it about time you take advantage of the opportunities that incorporating sustainable practices and ESG awareness into your business strategy uncovers? We’re pleased to present this get-started guide for ESG program management. We've defined steps to develop & implement an ESG project at your organization and suggest questions to ask as part of the process.
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