Accounts Payable Automation for Manufacturing

AP Automation for Manufacturing

The manufacturing industry has been thriving in the past few years; in order to stay competitive, manufacturers must innovate. They need to focus on lowering production costs while maintaining a high-quality product, improving compliance, optimizing processes with manufacturing intelligence data, improving usability, and enhancing the user and customer experience across all channels. Many manufacturers already recognize the value of automation; the good news is that the same principles can be applied to other areas of their operations. Even if it has the most advanced assembly lines, a manufacturer may be losing money through inefficiencies in its back office. For example, you could be missing out on cost and time saving opportunities because you still rely on outdated, manual processes in your accounts payable department. This is why Goby offers an automated accounts payable solution for manufacturing companies. With AP automation for manufacturing, your enterprise can enjoy the same benefits in your accounting practices that you’ve realized on your production floors.

How our solutions work for you

Goby’s AP automation software for manufacturing allows companies to streamline end-to-end accounts payable processes and take some of their most tedious work off their office employees’ shoulders. This not only frees up staff members to focus on more important tasks, but it also reduces the risk of costly errors and late fees.

Offering complete invoice automation for manufacturing, Goby captures and codes each invoice automatically. The data extracted from them is stored in the cloud and digitally routed to decision-makers for almost instantaneous review and payment approval, or you can establish customizable rules for automatic approvals. Every piece of information is readily and globally available, giving stakeholders the power to make confident, informed decisions. You can see trends clearly and enhance projections, revealing cost-savings opportunities you may not have known existed.

The process streamlining that Goby’s AP automation solutions provide is of significant value to manufacturers due to the sheer volume of suppliers and utility companies they typically work with on a regular basis. Even relatively small operations generally have a tremendous number of accounts they must continually track. With Goby, even manufacturers with multiple locations will be able to stay on target to pay their vendors and utility companies on time with perfect accuracy, all while maintaining a big picture view. You’ll also uncover opportunities to pay vendors faster and take advantage of early payment discounts. The scalability of our AP automation platform enables us to create the ideal fit for businesses of practically any size, regardless of location.

AP Automation for Manufacturing

Why work with Goby?

Goby offers manufacturers a faster, smarter way forward with cloud-based AP automation for manufacturing companies. Our end-to-end solutions enable teams to streamline approval workflows, enhance monitoring, reporting and collaboration, optimize cash flow, and improve vendor relationships while driving rapid ROI.

Goby creates a frictionless environment for managing AP. With more reporting capabilities than any other AP platform and solutions for complex recurring invoices such as utility bills, AP teams gain greater control and better insight into their performance.

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