Accounts Payable Automation for Restaurants

AP Automation for Restaurants

For the last decade, the North American restaurant market has consistently grown. With more people eating out, competition is stronger than ever. People are looking for experiences, are more health conscious, want better ingredients, and demand better customer service. On the other hand, operational costs are on the rise and employee turnover is at an all-time high. There has never been a better time to introduce automation tools that drive down costs, increase efficiencies, and transform your employee, vendor, and client experiences. This is why Goby offers an automated accounts payable solution for restaurants.

Chains and franchises depend on a huge network of food and beverage vendors to keep them well-stocked, as well as utilities to keep their restaurants functioning. Staying on top of costs and keeping suppliers happy by ensuring they’re paid is paramount for prolonged success. However, many enterprises do not have the tools for tracking and analyzing line items; by relying on manual accounts payable practices, they introduce the possibility of overpaying, accruing late fees, or even risking service stoppage. Human error, process bottlenecks, and delayed payments are a recipe for disaster.

Just as taking care of dining guests in a timely fashion is a high priority, making sure your vendors are paid on time should be of utmost importance. Bolstered by powerful technology that provides AP automation for restaurants, organizations can automate 100% of data from 100% of invoices, streamline approvals and payments, and ensure that no one goes hungry.

What our AP Automation solutions do for you

Goby’s AP automation software for restaurants helps accounts payable departments run smoothly and with greater efficiency. You will have access to more data than ever before, from chain-wide totals to line item details that will give you reporting power no other tool can provide. With some of the most tedious manual work taken off their plates, staff members are free to concentrate on other more crucial tasks. Our platform speeds up the entire accounts payable process and virtually eliminates the possibility of costly mistakes while allowing you to glean actionable insights with the power of analytics.

With powerful restaurant invoice automation, each invoice is captured and coded automatically. Data extracted from invoices is stored in the cloud and digitally routed to decision-makers for nearly instantaneous review and approval. With every bit of information readily accessible and highly visible, stakeholders have the power to make confident, data-driven decisions. With a bird’s-eye view of comprehensive data, you will be able to identify trends and make projections with greater clarity and confidence. This can open the door to new opportunities that may have eluded you in the past. You can also repurpose space you’ve been using for storage and filing of paper invoices.

Automation solutions allow large-scale operations to manage their accounts payable with speed and precision. With a multitude of vendors, suppliers, and utility companies to pay on a regular basis, handling invoices manually can take up a significant amount of time and open the door to approval delays and other potentially costly mistakes, such as double paying. With Goby’s AP automation solutions, even chains with many locations can stay on target and submit payments accurately and on time or even early, allowing you to potentially collect early pay discounts. We scale our solution to meet the needs of enterprises of virtually any size.

AP Automation for Restaurants

What makes Goby different?

Goby offers restaurants a faster, smarter way forward with cloud-based AP automation. Our end-to-end solutions enable teams to streamline approval workflows, enhance monitoring, reporting, and collaboration, optimize cash flows, and improve vendor relationships, all while driving rapid ROI.

Goby creates a frictionless environment for managing AP. With more reporting capabilities than any other AP platform and solutions for complex recurring invoices such as utility bills, AP teams gain greater control and better insight into their performance. When the burden of manual AP is lifted off their shoulders, restaurant operators are free to innovate, deliver on their promises to their vendors with greater reliability, and delight their customers.

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