Accounts Payable Automation for Retail

AP Automation for Retail

Success in the retail industry has never been easy; these days, it’s more challenging than ever before. While in-store purchasing remains strong, more and more buyers are opting for online purchasing or demanding more sophisticated, multi-channel shopping. No matter what the platform, customers demand a seamless experience. Good shopping experiences are the main driver of brand loyalty, and with brand loyalty being the lifeblood of every retailer, more and more resources are allocated to create sophisticated, immersive, personalized experiences. The priorities for retailers are clear: they need to streamline their operations in order to focus on their most important asset, their buyers. With an automated accounts payable solution solution for retail chains, Goby helps retailers achieve this goal.

Manual accounts payable practices can result in costly mistakes, from reporting errors to delays in payment approval processes. Manual data entry is time-consuming, tedious, and error-prone. Invoices passed around for approvals can get lost or forgotten, and storage of these documents while using a manual process is almost never consistent or efficient, especially when you’re managing a chain with multiple locations. You need to pay your vendors on time to ensure your orders are fulfilled when you need them, and you need to keep your vendors happy because they are your most important partners. Goby has the solution: AP automation for retail that lifts the burden of tedious processes off the shoulders of your back office staff, ensures all payments are issued on time, and provides your vendors with maximum visibility into your payments.

What our software can do for you

With AP automation software for retail, your organization’s accounts payable work becomes a much smoother process. Invoice processing is simpler, faster, and virtually free of mistakes.

Our retail invoice automation platform captures every invoice and automatically codes information from each invoice. 100% of data is extracted and stored in the cloud, where it is routed digitally to key stakeholders immediately so they can review it and approve payments; you can also set customizable rules for auto-approval. Because every data point is easily accessible and visible, you’ll have the ability to spot trends and identify new cost-saving opportunities with a big-picture view. There’s no need to store or spend time retrieving paper invoices, either.

Even small-scale operations can become swamped by the sheer volume of invoices they must process on a regular basis. This can open the door to slip-ups and slowdowns that can end up costing a fortune in inefficiencies, errors, late fees, etc. With the speed and convenience offered by AP automation for retail, you’ll have a valuable tool to manage all of your supplier accounts. Our automation platform is scalable and continues to support you as you grow.

AP Automation for Retail

Why work with Goby?

Goby offers retailers a faster, smarter way forward with cloud-based accounts payable automation for retail. Our end-to-end solutions enable teams to streamline approval workflows, enhance monitoring, reporting and collaboration, optimize cash flow, and improve vendor relationships while driving rapid ROI.

Goby creates a frictionless environment for managing AP. With more reporting capabilities than any other AP platform and solutions for complex recurring invoices such as utility bills, AP teams gain greater control and better insight into their performance. Serving mid-market companies across all industries, Goby remains committed to the mission of creating delightful results out of ordinary data.

If you’re ready to learn more about AP automation software for retail, request a demonstration or get in touch with us today.