Automate This Episode #03: Intelligent Fintech ft. Chris Happ

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  • December 19, 2019
  • Chris Ogletree
Automate This Episode #03: Intelligent Fintech ft. Chris Happ

Automate This #03: Intelligent Fintech ft. Chris Happ

In this episode of Automate This, Ryan Nelson, Goby’s COO, is joined by his fellow co-founder and CEO, Chris Happ, for a discussion of the technologies that make automating accounts payable possible. They describe the core components that work together to make automation intelligent and use cases for utilizing AP automation to support and enhance the capabilities of finance departments.

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Chris Ogletree

Chris joined Goby as Inbound Marketing Coordinator in 2016, taking over generation and development of client-facing content, such as email campaigns, website administration, and marketing collateral. He has been an integral part in Goby's rebranding project and website redesign.

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