Change management and new technology

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  • October 18, 2016 | Helee Lev
Change management and new technology

Change management and new technology

It’s time to implement new software, but how do you go about generating positive buy-in from your team? Our clients frequently worry about this issue because they fear that their colleagues won’t understand the value of the added insight. In many cases existing systems are no longer relevant, but someone on the team can’t bear to see their “baby” replaced. The team member heading the project may feel like they’re going out on a limb to bring in something new.

Improvement isn’t easy. Convincing a diverse set of people, who may have very different opinions on best practices, to try something new can be overwhelming. Here are some of the best ways to unite a team and effect positive growth.

Understand the value proposition of what you’re looking to implement.

Knowing your goals and fully understanding what’s required of you and other team members helps you to set clear expectations from the start. Be able to concisely explain the benefits and how you plan to mitigate risk.

Establish buy-in from executives

Once you get the wheels turning on a new project, engage your software provider or consultant to help you present “up.” Making sure that those at the top are aware and understand the benefit of the project will help them see past any pushback to implementing change.

Present to the team

Make sure everyone has a full understanding of how this new software will benefit them in their day-to-day. It’s essential to make sure that appropriate training and resources are provided so your team can overcome the learning curve and become comfortably acclimated to the change.

When presenting up and to your peers

Try to understand what those team members may want or need. If you can demonstrate how you’re going to be able to solve an immediate problem for them, chances are they’ll get on board sooner. Is there an additional benefit down the line? Make sure to highlight it.

Establish champions

Are there a few team members that really get it? Use them to help promote the benefits. This can be as easy as sharing any success via email to the team. Do they have a little extra time? Encourage them to talk to other team members about how they might be able to use the new tool. Positive reinforcement throughout the process will help everyone feel good about the change they’re helping to implement.

Accept that there will be pushback

Many people love comfort and routine. They’re probably very good at their jobs and like to have their processes “just so.” They won’t like that you’re altering that. The best thing to do in this scenario is listen. Try to understand what’s making them uncomfortable. Show that you care but gently help them see the end goal.

Was it a success? Then talk about it! Make sure to share the good results that have come from the new system. If there were hurdles, don’t sweep them under the rug. Address them as they come. Clear communication and visibility always help create progress.

For all of us, new and quickly changing technology is a way of life both in and out of the office. Finding ways to help your team take the challenge head on is crucial to the success of a company in today’s business world.

Helee Lev

Helee joined Goby in 2012, overseeing strategic account management, new business, and industry alliances. In 2015, she participated in raising $5M of venture capital funding for Goby. As CRO she leads sales, business development, and Goby's strategic consulting group.

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