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ESG Software for Private Equity

Goby’s ESG software for private equity aggregates data from across your portfolio and visualizes it with clear, beautiful analytics. Goby collects data from multiple sources & generates portfolio-level dashboards and reports. Easy to use, data-rich analytics help you collaborate with your portfolio companies, stakeholders, and LPs.

Capture portfolio data

Capture portfolio data

Collect quantitative & qualitative ESG data from your portfolio companies with a fully customizable survey tool

Turn data into action

Turn data into action

Unlock insights into portfolio performance with powerful analytics, dynamic filters, & robust data tagging

Tell your ESG story

Tell your ESG story

Uncover year-over-year improvements, share portfolio performance, & gain recognition for your ESG success


Capture portfolio data with an engaging, easy to use tool

The ESG Index data acquisition process begins with the distribution of a user-friendly online survey to your portfolio companies. They will utilize it to submit their relevant qualitative and quantitative ESG data. The survey is fully customizable, from the questions to the design; supplement or replace questions to best align with your ESG goals.

Looking to get started quickly? Our ready-to-use survey templates are prebuilt with questions deliberately chosen to comply with frameworks such as UNPRI and SASB.

Goby’s ESG software for private equity was created for companies at any level of ESG maturity. The questions are designed to identify whether a company has a plan in place and to gain insight into current ESG performance.

Topics covered in the survey include:

  • Environmental: Environmental policies, energy and water usage, CO2 footprint, waste management processes, and more.
  • Social: Community involvement, employee training and wellbeing, consumer health and safety, diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I), and more.
  • Governance: Management structure and quality, the composition of a company’s board of directors, policies for preventing fraud and corruption, and other policies and processes related to good corporate governance.
  • Values: This section is unique for each company. Questions are based on the values of your organization. They are used to gain an understanding of how a portfolio company is incorporating those values into its operations and investment strategies.

Measure, track, & understand your performance

Goby scores the Environmental, Social, Governance, and Values sections of the survey based on the number of applicable questions and the answers provided. Easily identify top and bottom performers, uncover trends, compare performances of your portfolio companies, and report at both the company level and across your portfolio. If you have a preferred methodology, the scoring and grading process can be customized to match your needs.

Take action & fuel your ESG strategy

Take action & fuel your ESG strategy

After the survey is completed, the responses become actionable data. Our powerful analytics engine and state of the art visualizations make reviewing and understanding your portfolio companies’ responses simple and enables you to easily identify trends, uncover insights, and identify top and bottom performers in any category.

Your portfolio data can be compared to real world trends by creating benchmarks against any dataset of your choice.

Easily manage permissions at the fund and portfolio level by enabling or restricting access to stakeholders.

See it in action!

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