Corporate social responsibility performance

ESG Solutions for Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate owners and operators know that ethical choices benefiting the planet, their communities, and their employees drive better results for their shareholders. Investors are increasingly recognizing the value of holistic, cohesive ESG frameworks as indicators for financial and operational resilience.

ESG Solutions for Commercial Real Estate

What our ESG solutions for commercial real estate do for you

The quality and quantity of data disclosed highly determines financial value created by ESG. Our ESG solutions for commercial real estate help your portfolio measure, improve, and disclose ESG performance to drive cost savings, improve community engagement, reduce risks, and solidify board engagement.

Commercial real estate owners, investors, and managers choose Conservice ESG because they know data is the foundation of winning ESG performance. After compiling asset-level data, our ESG solutions for commercial real estate provide insightful dashboards to help you develop a complete picture of your portfolio performance. These dashboards visualize the data so you can gain actionable insights, monitor your company’s KPIs, track progress against your goals, and identify opportunities for improvement.

This data automation facilitates corporate social responsibility reporting, since many reporting and benchmarking standards require this information. GRESB, for example, set a requirement in 2020 that all reports must incorporate asset-level data to achieve a GRESB score.

But ESG success doesn’t stop there. We understand that in order to stay competitive, CRE leaders need expertise to put the data to work, assistance with existing initiatives and planning future initiatives that align with your organization’s strategy, market trends, and more. That is why we offer a hybrid of ESG technology combined with ESG consulting services.

Our team of experienced and forward-thinking consultants helps you amplify your portfolio’s positive impact on the world by identifying ESG data to prioritize, improve, and report.

ESG Solutions for Commercial Real Estate

Why work with us?

Companies can easily embed ESG into their business and improve financial and non-financial value with our software and consulting. Our integrated approach ensures optimal ESG transparency by engaging your stakeholders and reporting on the data that matters the most.

Conservice ESG allows you to distill your corporate social responsibility story while significantly reducing the time and costs required to disclose on ESG progress. Together, we will also open doors to developing new ESG frameworks and identifying new ESG metrics, standards, and more. Our powerful software and expert consulting team empower real estate portfolios to comply with mandatory benchmarking requirements and meet certification standards, from portfolio-wide reporting frameworks like GRESB and GRI to asset-level certifications, such as ENERGY STAR, LEED, Fitwel, WELL, and more.

Backed by our knowledgeable team of experts and powerful ESG solutions for commercial real estate, you will be able to transform your ESG efforts into positive financial, social, and environmental outcomes for your portfolio. If you want to learn more about what we can do, request a demo of our offerings or get in touch with us today.