Transform your data into your ESG story

ESG Solutions for Private Equity

A growing body of evidence suggests that ESG issues are material to financial growth. But lack of standardization makes it hard, and sometimes impossible, to collect the right data and report to your stakeholders.

ESG Solutions for Private Equity

From deal sourcing to exit, ESG can maximize your profit & impact

ESG issues are material to financial growth. They have also become the linchpin for engaging stakeholders, improving operations, and attracting investors. Systematic data acquisition and robust reporting and disclosure tools are crucial for identifying and managing ESG across your portfolio.

With Goby, private equity and venture capital funds can simplify and accelerate this process. Goby collects data from multiple sources & generates portfolio-level dashboards and reports. Easy to use, data-rich analytics help you collaborate with your portfolio companies, stakeholders, and LPs.

Goby makes ESG easy and accessible

Tell your ESG story with an ESG index

An ESG index includes data from across your portfolio, visualized with clear, beautiful analytics. Communicating your portfolio's progress and achievements has never been easier.

Create value with an ESG strategy

Propel corporate responsibility across your portfolio and establish goals that align with your mission with tailored ESG support.

Maximize your impact with ESG benchmarking

Using the ESG index to benchmark individual portfolio companies’ performance, our AI-powered analytics will unearth insights and opportunities for value creation.

Backed by our knowledgeable team of experts and powerful ESG software, you will be able to transform your ESG efforts into positive financial, social, and environmental outcomes for your portfolio. If you want to learn more about what we can do, request a demo of our offerings or get in touch with us today.