Make the business case for ESG initiatives with Goby's sustainability reporting solutions

Our cloud-based enterprise data platform seamlessly aggregates utility data to streamline benchmarking and certifications across your portfolio. Goby ESG helps you improve your results and simplify your sustainability reporting as you grow.

Monitor, correlate, and share the positive impact of sustainability reporting initiatives on your business performance.

With sustainability reporting powered by Goby you can

  • Increase overall asset value and improve investor perception
  • Ensure all reporting and compliance requirements are met
  • Establish market leadership and benchmark against peers
  • Reduce time spent capturing, analyzing, and reporting sustainability data
  • Track year-to-year portfolio improvement and performance

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ENERGY STAR | Goby Sustainability Reporting
GRESB | Goby Sustainability Reporting

ENERGY STAR Reporting & Certification

Goby’s in-house team of engineers stamp and verify applications while our platform fully automates integration into the ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager, enabling you to fully monitor and maintain the reporting process and track key metrics.

Learn some best practices for optimizing your portfolio’s sustainability reporting, performance, and strategies to ensure you’re reporting at your best.

Reach for the Stars

GRESB Reporting & Project Tracking

Goby provides GRESB project tracking, GRESB KPI tracking, automated and seamless integration to GRESB online, on-going GRESB goal tracking, and increased data coverage via automated data acquisition.

Download our best practice guide for turning your ESG insights into actionable results and improved GRESB & sustainability performance.

Ready, Set, GRESB

LEED Reporting & Project Tracking

LEED-Certified buildings save money through reduced energy and water consumption as well as lower long-term operations and maintenance costs. The energy savings alone typically pay back the investment within a reasonable period of time.

City Ordinance Reporting

Goby’s sustainability reporting, data collection, and validation tracks all your ordinance and compliance submissions, provides full reporting integrations, and are backed by a team of experienced analysts.

  • Mitigate the risk of city ordinance violations and potential fines
  • Eliminate the time and costs of city ordinance reporting
  • Expedite sales and acquisitions of assets with city ordinance specific due diligence reports

Need to comply with a local benchmarking ordinance? Download our best practice guide for simplified compliance, reporting, and transparency.

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