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The new GRESB Real Estate Pre-Assessment

  • January 18, 2018
  • Chris Ogletree
The new GRESB Real Estate Pre-Assessment

The GRESB Real Estate Pre-Assessment

With an increasingly vast number of investors pushing capital toward investments that measure, manage, and report ESG risks and opportunities, the demand for ESG reporting is spreading rapidly across investment strategies, all stages of real estate investment cycles, and into new markets.

The GRESB Real Estate Pre-Assessment was designed with this increasing investor demand in mind. It provides a preliminary assessment that focuses on real estate management and policy indicators and excludes property-level information. This assessment requires less time and resource commitment and can be used as a stepping stone for participation in the full Real Estate Assessment.

If you’re new to the sustainability reporting game, specifically in relation to GRESB, you may feel slightly out of your depth. Fortunately, this assessment has been specifically designed and tailored for new capital-raising mandates that seek immediate, strong ESG performance, existing real estate companies that are beginning to incorporate ESG within operations and want a preliminary evaluation of their efforts, and opportunistic and short hold investment strategies. For answers to some frequently asked questions about GRESB, read our blog post.

Participating in the Pre-Assessment will give you a leg up in your quest for ESG transparency and sustainable investing.

  • Respond to new and varying forms of due diligence and required reporting
  • Evaluate your ESG performance, any time, on-demand
  • Utilize GRESB’s global standard, adapted for specific investment strategies, for further comparison and evaluation of your own ESG strategies
  • Gain insight into areas that require improvement before reporting to the full Assessment
  • Broaden your understanding of ESG as a whole, and open new lines of dialogue with investors and other stakeholders
  • Clarify your ESG risk management strategies and gain a broad view of how your processes compare against the market
  • Market your participation and results to attract new investors

Still have questions about the GRESB Real Estate Pre-Assessment? Considering disclosing your portfolio & property data to GRESB? Already reporting and trying to improve your performance? Download our guide for strategic GRESB reporting and start turning your ESG insights into actionable results.


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