ENERGY STAR Tenant Space program

Josh Schubert, Goby's Director of Energy Engineering, discusses the new Tenant Space program introduced in early October, explains the requirements for achieving the certification, and highlights how it helps leased office spaces receive recognition for their sustainability efforts

Video transcript:

ENERGY STAR Tenant Space is a new EPA recognition for sustainability efforts in your leased office space. Energy efficient office spaces can lead to lower utility bills and fewer greenhouse gas emissions in our atmosphere.

The award or the recognition itself is very much a design type of award, looking at how your space is set up, and how the tenant space is set up with the lighting and the energy and the equipment used in that space.

For eligibility, the tenant space has to be a general administrative office, financial office, or nondiagnostic medical office, and can also include a data center. The space has to represent all of the usable space in that building, and also be located in the United States.

The recognition criteria: we have to be able to estimate the energy use, have a physical electrical meter in place measuring the tenant energy, the lighting efficiency gets calculated by looking at the amount of lights and the square footage, so we calculate a lighting power density for that space, there has to be an energy efficient equipment purchase and procurement policy, and then we have to be able to share the data with the landlord.

One of the items that have to happen during this process is a site visit; we validate all these parameters, and we can submit documentation to the EPA so the tenant can earn that award.

So this would be a great opportunity for the tenant to earn recognition for their sustainability efforts. Good luck. Let us know if we can help out.