How effective is diversity training?

Diversity training by itself isn't enough to truly promote diversity throughout an organization. According to Ryan Nelson, additional systemic changes should be implemented to bolster diversity efforts.

Video transcript:

Hello, my name is Ryan Nelson, and I'm the CEO of Goby. Today, I wanted to give my opinion, if you will, briefly, about a minute and a half, on improving your organization through diversity. This is something that I've been studying quite a bit and is important to us at Goby and of course is a part of our ESG platform offering.

So you might think that the first place to start is training, diversity training within your organization. And interestingly enough, and disappointingly enough, research has shown, this is what I've been reading, that it's very ineffective, much more ineffective than you would hope or expect.

So you're going to need to do more, something more focused, a targeted recruiting program, a targeted mentoring program, not just something that you let happen naturally, but be sure to focus on how to promote and help individuals and help diversity within your organization.

An hour here of training, an hour there of training, an annual program of certification just doesn't stick. Now, of course, doing that in tandem is something you might want to stick with.

Thinking about your core values and your cultures is important. But I think the one takeaway I wanted to share was, don't get, unfortunately, too excited about just a training program as something that's really going to move the needle in improving your organization through diversity.

Good luck, keep fighting the good fight, and I'll see you soon.