The concept of "digital twins"

Ryan Nelson explains the concept of "digital twins" and why he believes it's the future of modeling real life data.

Video transcript:

What is a digital twin?

Great question. I love this thing. We talked about RPA, we talked about AI, we talked about machine learning, talked about IoT, it really comes together with digital twin.

Let's not overthink this; it just means to have an effective digital version, an avatar, basically, effective digital version of a real thing.

That can be a complex system that has been digitally, through sensors and these types of things, it could be any sort of representation effectively in understanding what's happening to a person, building, car, a process, aa complex process, it can replicate it digitally. The more real time, more sensoring, monitoring, perhaps more interesting, but it's just a digital representation.

Therefore, you can make predictions, you can try things, you can run scenarios, so much like a model, I think it's just the more up to date version of a model.

So, digital twin, if you haven't heard it yet, check it out look it up. It's good stuff. Future of the way that we talk about this.