What is CDP?

Sambhram Patel, a Goby Consultant, explains the basics of CDP and highlights some of the competitive advantages it can unlock for your organization

Video transcript:

Hello. Today I'm going to talk briefly about CDP.

So what is CDP? CDP is an annual voluntary disclosure used by investors, companies, and government entities, such as states and cities, to report on their environmental impact.

The overall objective of CDP is to make environmental reporting and risk management a norm, and improve disclosure and action towards sustainability.

The three main modules within CDP are the climate change, water security, and performance modules.

Well, this is all well and good, but why report to CDP? Reporting to CDP provides the obvious benefit of improved competitive advantage, such as access to capital and improved reputation.

But, in addition to this, the process of reporting to CDP on an annual basis helps identify risks and opportunities within the organization and helps to better inform your ESG strategy.

Thank you.