Josh Schubert, Goby's Director of Energy Engineering, provides an overview of the ENERGY STAR program, what you need to apply for certification, and benefits of becoming ENERGY STAR-certified

Video transcript:

The EPA's ENERGY STAR program is an internationally recognized symbol of energy efficiency. And that program applies to existing buildings as well. But we can do this for commercial buildings, multifamily buildings, and industrial buildings.

So what this program will do is it will show occupants and stakeholders the commitment of the property ownership and management to proper energy efficiency and responsible operations of their facility. Studies show that certified buildings will utilize 35% less energy than a typical building nationwide.

Working on the program is easy: it's a matter of putting together the building square footage, the size, certain attributes of a building, and then obtaining utility bills to do an energy per square foot. And that energy per square foot gets tracked against the national database that the EPA has to rank a building according to its energy efficiency.

So buildings in the top 25% are eligible to earn an award from the EPA within their guidelines.

What do you get? You get an award from the EPA really. Pretty neat to see the building details throughout the city as you walk through, or show building occupants that the building is responsible with utilities and you know, at the portfolio level, you're able to show that you have awards and certifications for your building.

Some buildings are actually required to use the energy tower, there are 32 districts throughout the country that are required to use ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager to submit your building data to the city.

So some people do it to make sure they get that local compliance, other people do to get the awards, some people, you know, some portfolios, it's actually very helpful for GRESB and helpful for BOMA and LEED certification.

So if anyone has any questions or wants to participate in the program, or really just need some help getting a good handle on how their building is using energy, using their utilities for energy efficiency, give us a call! Thanks.