What is intersectional environmentalism?

Nicole Phillips explains how intersectional environmentalism is a philosophy that advocates for both people and the planet by considering how environmental and social issues interact.

Video transcript:

So, let's talk about environmental justice and environmental intersectionalism. Environmental justice is the intersection of both social justice issues and the environment.

There are so many inequities when it comes to environmental degradation, and marginalized communities are at a much larger risk when it comes to climate change and we really need to start considering and thinking about which communities are more likely to be exposed to climate change risks.

There are already dozens of communities struggling to be protected equally and, just as an example, think about which communities often suffer from food deserts, which communities often suffer from exposures to fracking.

So we really need to make environmentalism more inclusive, and that's where intersectional environmentalism comes in. It advocates for both people AND the planet, and how those two are interconnected.

So, I strongly suggest you do a little research into environmental intersectionalism on your own, but it's definitely something to consider as we continue to advocate for our planet.