Why are utility bills so hard to manage?

Helee Lev, Goby's CRO, has some insights into the difficulties of managing utility bills and some provides suggestions and best practices for making the process a little easier.

Video transcript:

What makes utility bills so fussy and hard to manage? Well, the inflexibility of the utility themselves.

First of all, if you're late on your utility payment, you will get a late fee.

Second of all, if you're extremely delinquent on your utility payment, they may even shut off your power.

This makes it a tough bill to process because you have to get it in your system, processed, paid, approved, within a short amount of time, with inflexible consequences.

Having a technology platform that helps you streamline this process of receiving the bill, for example electronically vs. waiting for it to come in the mail, processing it straight through, and getting that payment out the door ASAP so you don't incur those late fees or shut offs can be extremely beneficial to making sure that things run smoothly, and you don't get stuck with 10s of thousands of dollars of late fees.