On-Demand Goby Webinar

Metrics that Matter: Identifying KPIs & tracking progress toward extraordinary AP

What do the following all have in common?

  • Low average cost to process a single invoice
  • 23,000+ invoices processed annually per FTE
  • Duplicate invoice rate below 1%
  • On-time payments for more than 96% of invoices
  • Early-payment discounts captured 85% of the time

If your answer was “They’re similar because I don’t think my organization can achieve them!”, then you’re probably not alone. For many AP leaders, these benchmarks may seem like science fiction, but best-in-class accounts payable departments are already achieving these metrics through meticulous planning, goal-setting, and tracking.

View our webinar recording of Helee Lev, Goby’s CRO, discussing the ways that setting relevant, realistic goals and accurately tracking your progress can provide you with a roadmap to extraordinary performance and a best-in-class accounts payable department.


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