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The Benefits of Strategic E&S Management

Today's energy and sustainability (E&S) field offers more opportunities than ever for organizations to achieve reductions of over 20% in their energy, waste, water and maintenance costs. The key to maximizing these potential savings is implementing a structured and well-planned E&S management program. A strategic approach helps the right measures get implemented in the right order with the right suppliers at speed to ensure they realize the best possible results, boost profits, and increase enterprise value.

We review how organizations have more opportunities than ever to capture material results from strategic energy & sustainability management. Today, there is an incredible array of E&S products, services, and software solutions. This overwhelming number of choices and options creates confusion, which often leads to less-than-ideal results. Topics include the process of strategically implementing E&S management, illustrate best practices for identifying portfolio-wide competitive advantages, and provide insights for maximizing returns.

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