LEED v4.1 – The Next Step for LEED

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  • April 23, 2018
  • Michelle Winters
LEED v4.1 – The Next Step for LEED

LEED v4.1 – The Next Step for LEED

LEED is a worldwide rating system and framework for designing, constructing, and operating high-performance green buildings. Started nearly 20 years ago, the different versions of LEED have substantially advanced the green building market on a global scale. There are more than 93,000 registered and certified projects and 19.3 billion square feet of space used worldwide.

A core tenet of LEED is “continuous improvement”, an essential value to have in a constantly evolving world. Each new version raises the performance standards and adds new challenges for companies and buildings to face head-on in an effort to have the largest possible impact on the built environment.

LEED v4 is the most rigorous green building rating system in the world. From improving energy performance to emphasizing human health and integrative building design, LEED is encouraging project teams to operate beyond the status quo.

LEED has recently announced the next step for their rating system: LEED v4.1, which, instead of a full version change, will be an incremental update to the LEED rating systems. This update will provide the most inclusive and transparent LEED platform to date.

LEED v4.1 is Bigger, Stronger, and Bolder

Bigger: This update is for everyone – LEED v4.1 is more inclusive and allows projects to earn LEED points through building performance monitoring via the Arc platform.

Stronger: This update will continue to drive performance. In fact, performance measurement will be possible on an ongoing basis, as performance outcomes will be integrated directly into LEED v4.1.

Bolder: Information gathered from LEED users has led them to take a deeper dive into existing buildings, residential projects, and cities and develop unique solutions that address unique markets.

LEED v4.1 will deliver:

Project support to track of energy, water, waste, transportation, and indoor environmental quality that provides new methodologies for measuring building performance.

New, simplified journeys toward certification for existing buildings makes LEED v4.1 accessible to more projects than any other version of the rating system.

Modernized and updated performance requirements & referenced standards help to ensure LEED’s position as a global leader in green building.

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