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Leveraging Big Data for Sustainability Leadership

  • September 15, 2016
  • Danna Hileli
Leveraging Big Data for Sustainability Leadership

The GRESB scoring results are in and the Goby team would like to extend congratulations to our clients and the industry as a whole for the energy, water, and waste reductions achieved. There’s electricity and excitement in our headquarters as we strive to lead positive, potent change—to make portfolios not only energy efficient, but build value and optimize performance of commercial real estate. Please allow me to share the latest frontline news from GRESB about how our efforts are faring and where Goby fits into this movement that’s forever changing the way managed properties create added value.

First, every US fund managed by Goby earned a Green Star, the top quadrant in the GRESB scoring model. Here’s how the numbers break down and the improvements build up: from 2015 to 2016, our submittals (for which we had full control of KPI and consulting) returned an overall percentage improvement of 35 percent. In baseball, sluggers with that kind of batting average make the All-Star Game.

And just as standouts turn their teams around, we were thrilled to see how we made winners of our clients. Last year, when one Asian client submitted independently they received 6 points for KPI. With Goby’s assistance, they earned 37 this year. That’s an improvement of more than 500 percent. Similarly, a Goby client that applied alone and received just 19 KPI points last year, scored 40 this year with Goby’s help.

A shout out to our friends at Pine Tree Commercial Realty, as their first year submittal earned the coveted Green Star and first overall in their sector. Here’s what Erin Bremen, the company’s Executive Vice President of Asset Management & Due Diligence, had to say:

“Pine Tree is incredibly proud to be among GRESB’s newest members as we begin to roll out our official sustainability objectives. Without Goby’s partnership, our GRESB application process would not have been anywhere near as streamlined, fun or informative. Having been awarded GRESB’s Green Star status in our first year, our entire team is excited to continue partnering with Goby in making truly impactful sustainability goals among our top priorities across our growing portfolio.”

When looking at the different GRESB aspects assessment, it’s clear where our efforts need to focus going forward. Our qualitative overall scores (in stakeholder engagement, management, policy and disclosure, risk and opportunities) are stellar, and maintain a strong improvement trend from year to year. On the other hand, the quantitative aspects (certifications, KPIs, monitoring) provide a clear picture of how much work still needs to be done with data-driven indicators. It reinforces the urgent need for better data acquisition practices and the importance of strong data players, such as Goby, in this field.

We’re proud to be part of an overall industry change as reflected by the 2016 GRESB Real Estate, Developer and Debt assessments. Their new data shows that real estate companies and funds are improving across all aspects of ESG performance. That includes a 1.2 percent reduction in energy consumption, 2 percent reduction in GHG emissions and close to 1 percent reduction in water use. That puts greater focus on occupant health and well-being, and more money in owners’ pockets. What could be better?

Yes, the amount of robust data harvested and utilized can always be better, a goal we’re all striving to reach. And all of the parties reporting to GRESB are improving their responses in the way that’s preferred—by taking the test. Yet no one can deny the real results in the form of actual reductions. To that end, the data reflected in the GRESB scores serves as proof positive.

If you are ready to transform energy savings into financial gains and competitive advantage, we invite you to contact us today.

Learn more about how Goby streamlines and improves your GRESB submissions by watching our webinar.

Danna Hileli

Danna is the Director of Marketing at Goby. She is responsible for development and execution Goby's multichannel marketing strategy including both digital and traditional tactics, focused on long-term sustainable growth.

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