Ready, Set, GRESB: Best practices for strategic reporting

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  • February 12, 2018 | Chris Ogletree
Ready, Set, GRESB: Best practices for strategic reporting

Ready, Set, GRESB – A practical guide for strategic GRESB reporting

GRESB was designed to help investors assess the performances of commercial real estate portfolios around the world through a lens of sustainability. Environmental performance is a core element of sustainability. However, the GRESB Assessment is based on a broader view of sustainability, comprised of seven aspects:

  1. Performance indicators (energy, GHG emissions, water, & waste)
  2. Monitoring & environmental management systems
  3. Policy & disclosure
  4. Management
  5. Stakeholder engagement
  6. Risk & opportunities
  7. Building certifications

In recent years, there has been increased demand for sustainability-focused real estate construction and operation, as well as a call for increased transparency into the efforts put forth by companies as they adopt ESG-centric (Environmental, Social, and Governance) business practices, all leading to the adoption of new strategic GRESB reporting processes.

Time is of the essence: parts of the GRESB submission process may be more time-consuming and challenging than you anticipate. Data collection, for example, is a process that can take months, and sometimes even years. Starting this process earlier widens your ability to collect and report on historical data consumption, and will lead to stronger performance and ultimately to a better GRESB score.

Actionize your ESG data and GRESB reporting today!

Ready to start reporting to GRESB? Already reporting, but trying to improve your performance? Download our best practice guide for strategic GRESB reporting and turn your ESG insights into actionable results.

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