Take accounts payable & invoice management to the next level

AP Automation Best Practices Using Goby
  • December 30, 2018
  • Ellen Krueger

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Take accounts payable & invoice management to the next level

Take Accounts Payable & Invoice Management to the Next Level

The future is here, and it’s time for your invoice management & accounts payable processes to catch up. Utilizing automated data collection, enhanced validation algorithms, and clear visualizations can help you reveal opportunities, identify trends, generate projections, and make confident budget decisions that are backed by powerful analytics. Goby’s AP Automation platform provides you with a powerful suite of tools and solutions to empower your AP processes. Here is a closer look at all that Goby can do to help you elevate your accounts payable & invoice management and streamline your finance workflows.

An intelligent acquisition process will help you reduce costs. When invoice data is automatically captured, coded, and extracted from any format, you can reallocate your time and resources to more critical value-add tasks. With seamless invoice management & accounts payable automation, you will no longer have to spend loads of time manually entering data, which is turn helps reduce or eliminate late fees and billing errors.

Goby collects all of your invoices directly from online accounts, then applies advanced validation algorithms to the data in order to make sure any errors are caught in real time. This information is then housed in a centralized, cloud-based platform, where it can be referenced at any time to analyze deviations from normal patterns of spend and consumption.

A few benefits of accounts payable and invoice management with Goby:

  1. Easily track cost & consumption metrics
  2. Access invoice data on-demand from anywhere
  3. Gain full visibility into late fee trends
  4. Streamline invoice processing and AP workflows
  5. Manage your utility cost and consumption in a single location

Goby enables you to easily compare your actual vs. budgeted spend and use with clear visuals, in-depth reports, and an intuitive interface. These reports can be filtered by service types, time periods, and geographic locations, and track your actual cost and consumption performance in relation to projections. Billing errors and spikes in consumption are identified and flagged through automated outlier and error recognition. Reference data in relation to invoices and utility-produced consumption charts. Increase data accuracy and integrity to mitigate financial and compliance risk.

Utility Bill Auditing Services

Alongside our powerful AP Automation platform, Goby also offers utility bill audit and tariff optimization services. By focusing on the utility bill and tariff audit, analysis, and optimization, we’ve has become a leader within the industry. Goby allows you to enhance your utility bill audits with an on-demand, subscription-based model, as opposed to the traditional contingency-based model. Read more about our utility bill services here.

Goby allows you to review and approve invoices, coding, and budgets with a robust workflow and routing engine. The platform enables AP Automation, streamlines data collection, clarifies data with straightforward visuals, and enhances validation in order to help identify all opportunities. Trends, projections, and powerful analytics enable effective and practical budgeting.

How Goby improves your accounts payable & invoice management processes:

  • Benchmark performance and reveal opportunities with like-for-like & year-over-year reporting capabilities
  • Streamline & accelerate bills and AP workflows from beginning to end
  • Reduce administrative work & regain time previously spent on manual processing and eliminate errors

Interested in learning more about Goby? Contact us today to get started. It’s time to transform your invoice management & accounts payable processes with a platform that can elevate your business.

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Ellen Krueger

Ellen joined Goby in 2014 and has been instrumental in building trust and strong partnerships with clients. With over 10 years of property management experience within the CRE industry, she specializes in realizing additional ROI for portfolios by identifying more efficient operating processes and implementing valuable sustainability initiatives.

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