What sets Goby apart?

The Goby Difference



Goby drives smarter decisions, applying AI and RPA to transform millions of data points into the digital twin of your portfolio or fund

One of the hardest parts of ESG reporting is obtaining the data you need. Almost as difficult is ensuring that it's accurate and reliable. Goby takes that burden off of your plate; whether the data pertains to the environmental, the social, or the governance aspect of ESG reporting, Goby's comprehensive platform captures, monitors, reports, and discloses that data.

The key to knowing what data to report on and how to capture it is to first identify why you're pursing ESG reporting in the first place. Having an end goal of attaining ENERGY STAR or LEED certifications will look very different from submitting to the GRESB or CDP frameworks, which will also be very different from creating a CSR report or disclosure to investors.

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Not sure where to begin? Wondering which reporting framework might be the best fit for your company? A good place to start is the creation of a materiality assessment, a tool used to establish where your organization stands today, identify where you want to end up, and create a roadmap for achieving your goals. Once we’ve determined the best angle from which you'd like to approach ESG reporting, we can decide how best to tell your story.

Depending on what you need to report, there are a variety of ways to go about collecting the data. Our environmental data capture can be as simple as measuring annual total energy usage for an asset or as granular as tracking all utility costs and consumption for every individual meter on a monthly basis. Our in-house bill processing technology allows us to capture individual line item details from utility bills and validate the accuracy of the data without relying on a third-party processor, making us a one-stop-shop for the entire from process, from utility data tracking to ESG reporting.

Utility data is notoriously complex; however, given the quantitative nature of the data, once you have it, it's fairly easy to report on. Social and governance data, being far more qualitative, is collected and reported in a different way. Using our ESG survey tool, we collect data on social and governance policies and procedures. Responses are assigned a value, which allows us to produce an overall ESG "score" through our ESG Index or use existing policies to further strengthen ESG reporting through frameworks like UNPRI, SASB, and many more. You will be able to track progress, identify opportunities for improvement, benchmark against peers, compare performance portfolio-wide, and share your ESG story with stakeholders with our powerful data visualization capabilities.



Goby’s hybrid platform of SaaS and strategic expertise provides an end-to-end solution for sustainable and responsible growth

Goby thrives at the intersection of people and technology; our greatest strength is the combination of our ESG expertise and ESG software. And while they both work quite well independently, they shine brightest together. Our customer experience team can be thought of as your right-hand (wo)man; we like to consider ourselves an extension of your team. Or we can serve as your outsourced ESG team altogether!

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With expertise in a wide range of areas including energy conservation projects, materiality assessments, or submitting for different sustainability frameworks, our ESG experts have the know-how to help you succeed. When you marry our ESG expertise that with our powerful ESG software, you've got the perfect combo for a winning GRESB KPI and narrative strategy, developing your CSR report, or any other ESG need you can imagine.

Using your policies in conjunction with the insights we glean from the data extracted and aggregated by our software, our team can help you to establish where you currently stand and how to get you where you want to be. Given the breadth of our knowledge and the range of industries we serve, we have the inside scoop on what your competitors are doing and what the next big thing in ESG is.



Goby’s easy to use software makes ESG simpler and more accessible to everyone

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Our ESG software is designed to provide you with the data and the tools you need to measure, understand, and report on the metrics that matter. Goby provides insight from all angles on critical data like energy, water, and waste consumption, GHG emissions, benchmarking & certification information, and month-over-month and year-over-year variance and outliers. Our software is also able to report on these metrics both at the asset level and portfolio level, and we’re able to provide users with access to a single asset, a range of assets, or an entire portfolio.

We then take it a step further by enabling our users to narrow in on a certain region, date range, fund, or a variety of other standards filters. If our default filters don't provide you exactly the angle you're trying to capture, we also offer custom data tags to configure precisely the view you're looking for. And every report in the Goby platform allows for multiple saved views, allowing you to easily report on a multitude of situations without reconfiguring any settings.

After you've attained all this remarkably insightful data from Goby's ESG software, you’ll want to share your company’s performance and progress with the world, or at least with your investor relations team. To facilitate the sharing process, every report in our platform can easily be exported as an image or in Excel or CSV formats. No matter the goal or the questions you need to answer, get there quickly and easily with Goby.