Utility bill auditing reinvented

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  • January 10, 2016 | Chris Ogletree
Utility bill auditing reinvented

Utility bill auditing & tariff optimization reinvented

Did you know that Goby can audit and optimize your utility bills and tariffs? By focusing on utility bill audit, analysis, and tariff optimization services, we have become a leader in the industry. Goby provides these services to our partners via an on demand, subscription-based model, as opposed to the traditional contingency-based model.

The Goby difference

The unparalleled combination of our proprietary technology, tools, and databases, along with our dedicated resources, brings utility bill audit and tariff optimization expertise and results to all types and sizes of organizations.

Utility bill auditing services

Goby will obtain utility bill data directly from our partners and will scrutinize the data to:

  • Analyze every account, billing component, and line item of data
  • Identify and document potential billing inaccuracies and errors
  • Validate the detected opportunities to deliver an inventory of errors and overcharges to be recuperated

Tariff optimization services

We will dissect the utility billing data, utility rates/tariffs, and associated regulatory charges to establish and document on-going savings opportunities by:

  • Validating that the current rate/tariff schedules are applied correctly
  • Evaluating alternative rate/tariff interpretations, qualifications, and applicability
  • Monitoring regulatory policy changes at Public Utility Commissions

Interested in learning more about our utility bill audit services? Download the overview of our utility bill auditing and tariff optimization services, and a member of the Goby team will reach out to discuss any additional questions you might have.


Chris Ogletree

Chris joined Goby as Inbound Marketing Coordinator in 2016, taking over generation and development of client-facing content, such as email campaigns, website administration, and marketing collateral. He has been an integral part in Goby's rebranding project and website redesign.

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