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Who Needs GRESB? (Actually, Your Portfolio Does…)

  • September 19, 2016
  • Chris Ogletree
Who Needs GRESB? (Actually, Your Portfolio Does…)

Increasing energy efficiency, reducing operating costs, and improving environmental, social, and governance (ESG) policies have emerged as crucial elements of the built environment. Investors look at a building’s overall efficiency as a way to identify risks and opportunities as they consider the allocation of their investment funds.

Real estate companies recognize that achieving a high score from GRESB – an organization which assesses the ESG performance of real assets globally – is a key element in demonstrating sustainability successes to potential investors.

GRESB runs annual assessments on participating companies and funds to capture information regarding the ESG performance and best practices of real estate portfolios, real estate debt providers and infrastructure assets. The assessments are informed by what investors want to see in terms of a company’s integration of energy and sustainability management with their existing business practices. A company’s ESG performance is rigorously validated and scored, and is then compared against peers in the same property type. In this way, ESG is quantified, providing investors with actionable information and the tools needed to monitor and manage the sustainability risks of their investments.

Organizations that are scored in the annual GRESB assessment:

  • Define themselves as market leaders
  • Provide potential investors with important insights into the KPIs of their portfolios
  • Identify areas for improvement and opportunities for efficiencies
  • Track year-over-year portfolio performance
  • Improve overall perception and increase the potential for future investments

About GRESB in Real Estate:

  • More than 200 members, about 60 of which are pension funds and their fiduciaries, use GRESB data in their investment management and engagement process.
  • On behalf of close to 60 institutional investors, GRESB has assessed almost 1,100 property companies and funds globally.
  • The total gross asset value of companies and funds reporting to GRESB Real Estate in 2016 was $2.8 trillion.

Why GRESB with Goby?

Goby streamlines and optimizes the GRESB submission process using a single, cloud-based platform. With Goby’s automated and seamless integrations, goal tracking and increased data coverage, companies significantly improve their GRESB performance.

For example, in 2016:

  • Every US fund that submitted with Goby earned a Green Star, the top quadrant in the GRESB scoring model
  • Goby clients saw, on average, a 35% improvement from their 2015 GRESB scores
  • 50% of Goby clients scored among the Top 5 within their sector

Goby Consulting narrates your sustainability story and provides additional insights and expertise to:

  • Educate property managers about GRESB and what’s to come
  • Improve data collection methods
  • Monitor efficiency projects within the portfolio
  • Use Goby-generated insights to first pursue “low-hanging fruit” and improve energy management, then to use deeper insights for continued improvements
  • Implement technical building assessments
  • Increase data collection methods & monitor performance

As ESG management moves increasingly to the forefront of the commercial real estate landscape, property owners who ignore the changing business atmosphere are putting themselves at risk. Goby’s technology pulls together energy, water and sustainability data into a single framework, giving companies vital information that helps them compete on the global energy management and sustainability stage; armed with that data, Goby’s team of expert consultants provides the knowledge and insights that lead to improved operating efficiencies, decreased energy use, and a stronger bottom line.

Working with Goby, companies can increase overall asset value and improve investor perception, ensure all reporting requirements are met, establish market leadership and benchmark against peers, reduce time spent capturing and reporting sustainability data, and track year to year portfolio improvement and performance.

Goby ensures that companies succeed in their ESG initiatives, effectively narrates their sustainability stories to achieve the recognition they deserve, and shares the results with the world via the GRESB assessment. Learn more about how Goby can help with your submissions through our technology and how our consulting teams can help increase your scores.

Chris Ogletree

Chris joined Goby as Inbound Marketing Coordinator in 2016, taking over generation and development of client-facing content, such as email campaigns, website administration, and marketing collateral. He has been an integral part in Goby's rebranding project and website redesign.

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