Goby can help you turn big data into a competitive advantage and elevate the value of energy management from an operational tool to a strategic asset.

Align your ESG initiatives and reveal future opportunities with big data. Goby analytics will improve your financial performance while our well-managed, automated data coverage maximizes the value of your portfolio. We’ll empower improved risk management by helping you make investment decisions for today that build longer term capacity and enable adaptive strategies. In the end, you’ll increase asset value, raise brand awareness and report to your stakeholders with confidence and accuracy.


  • Utility bill management
  • GRESB KPI and project management
  • Certifications, ENERGY STAR, LEED, etc.
  • Portfolio efficiency challenges
  • Portfolio utility reporting

Energy Procurement

Energy costs are a significant component of your property’s OPEX, and buildings in deregulated power and gas markets have more options to manage these fluctuating costs. However, buying energy properly is a complex, time-consuming task; even if you understand the nuances, you probably lack the bandwidth necessary to vet all your options and choose the right supplier and product. As your energy consultant, Goby does all the legwork and presents you with your best opportunities to align your energy purchases with your property’s budgetary and consumption goals. Learn More

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