With Goby, you can monitor and track ESG initiatives to improve your risk management as well as make investment decisions for building longer-term capacity and developing adaptive strategies.

Our advanced analytics enable data-driven business decisions and improved financial performance so you can report to stakeholders with confidence and accuracy.

We can help decrease the time spent on administration and completely eliminate billing errors and late fees. Allocate your time resources wisely with seamless financial processes and utility bill automation and management.

Goby’s automated data acquisition and validation solution will save your team more than a week’s worth of work hours and up to $400 in billing errors and late fees per building, per year. Additionally, you’ll save up to 24% in utility usage and 20% in net operating costs.

Key features:

  • Budgeting and risk avoidance
  • Cost tracking (energy, water, waste)
  • ROI reporting
  • Variance reports
  • Certifications management (LEED, GRESB)
  • City benchmarking reporting

Energy Procurement

Smart energy buyers know that energy procurement in deregulated power and gas markets isn’t strictly about saving money; it’s about managing risk and meeting budgetary objectives. Goby can help you devise and execute a procurement strategy designed to match your property’s unique risk profile and exit strategy, whatever your risk tolerances and flexibility requirements may be. Learn More

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